Double Moustache for Movember

The concept is very simple: one dude, two bring to you...the "Double Moustache."

We're stepping up our commitment to Movember and Men's Health with our campaign offering double the Moustache for double the Donation, so consider generously donating to Movember here.

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Follow along as we roll out more #DoubleMoustache models to come....

In the meantime, take a peek under the #DoubleMoustache in the behind-the-scenes video of our latest shoot:

And for the photography nerds, you'll see we also shot a few frames of real vintage analogue film on a medium format (6x6) Rolleiflex 6008, which is an amazing experience.

Shayne Gray: Concept/Art Direction/Photography

Zain Meghji: Creative Direction

Sam Forte: 1st Double Moustache Model

Eric Sam Hicks: 2nd Double Moustache Model (featured in video)

Billy Lee: behind the scenes video footage

Music: "The Moustache" by Qulfus

Supplemental footage/video editing by Shayne Gray Photography