Tia Brazda

Toronto based Jazz singer Tia Brazda's "Bandshell" just came out last summer and is an amazing album of the eclectic vintage, retro yet modern jazz mix that she's become known for. Amazing to think back to the day we shot these - exactly two years ago today to prepare for its release!

Album cover artwork:

Photography: Shayne Gray

Makeup: Veronica Arreaza

Hair: Bene Pham

Post-production/Graphic Design: Gigo Elgomeshi

Pick up Tia's album, "Bandshell" here!

Portrait session with countertenor David Baron


Hair and Makeup by Ivy Lam

Styled and Coordinated by LIZPR

I've shot a number of singers before, but David Baron was my first Countertenor - somewhat of a rarity that could play out well with some hard work. Soon to finish his 4th year at Wilfrid Laurier University under acclaimed baritone, James Westman, we're looking forward to seeing how David develops and leverages his unique abilities in the future.