Simone Caruso - music video


Just last week cross-over soprano Simone Caruso released her first single with video of Mark Masri's, "The Face." It was such a pleasure working on this with you Simone and looking forward to seeing your career develop!! It's nice to see people digging this with so many views and shares so quickly. The story is really touching and is a beautiful tribute to Simone's grandfather - thank you for trusting me with such a personal family story:

I'm really loving this transition from photography to videography, film & directing and it's so much fun to collaborate & experiment with various talents right here in Canada.

Title image:

Photography: Shayne Gray

Styling & Co-ordination: LizPR

Hair & Makeup: Ivy Lam

Photo Assistant: Brian de Rivera Simon

Tia Brazda

Toronto based Jazz singer Tia Brazda's "Bandshell" just came out last summer and is an amazing album of the eclectic vintage, retro yet modern jazz mix that she's become known for. Amazing to think back to the day we shot these - exactly two years ago today to prepare for its release!

Album cover artwork:

Photography: Shayne Gray

Makeup: Veronica Arreaza

Hair: Bene Pham

Post-production/Graphic Design: Gigo Elgomeshi

Pick up Tia's album, "Bandshell" here!

Toronto Rapper: CDH Live! New album release

"The Shining" Hotel featuring Sleahy on Ukulele

If "The Shining" Hotel had a younger Toronto, it would be this house. Just about to be demoed, this place and all its decor is completely out of the 60's - 70's right down to the wallpaper and orange shag rug.

Two lights and a spooky old house make for some great drama. 

If we can make a ukulele look this rock 'n roll, i think we're just about ready to take on the recorder! (no offence to recorder players out there...)

But perhaps next time we can get him to light it on fire - who's with me?!

Watch out for more from Sean Leahy coming up....