Video series with Josée Couture

Update: as of Dec. 17th, 2016 we're just rolling out the 24th episode, which marks 2 years of monthly videos!! This one coming out shortly will be a fun recap and blooper reel, so to check out the full series of useful tips in the ever-growing library, check out Josée's channel here.

Lately I've been doing a lot more video work than ever before and have some amazing upcoming projects which I'm both proud, honoured, and excited to be a part of.

Yesterday Toronto Realtor Josée Couture released the first video in a series we'll be rolling out monthly to offer Torontonians a look into their own neighbourhoods and explore a number of tips surrounding house & home.

Now celebrating 25 years in real estate, Josée has a wonderful warmth to her personality, which paired with her experience, gives her an exceptional trustworthiness. An important part of her story is that she's now serving the children of previous clientele, which I'm sure is a great feeling and a wonderful milestone.

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And thank you to Andrew at Village Living Magazine for introducing us!