Simone Caruso - music video


Just last week cross-over soprano Simone Caruso released her first single with video of Mark Masri's, "The Face." It was such a pleasure working on this with you Simone and looking forward to seeing your career develop!! It's nice to see people digging this with so many views and shares so quickly. The story is really touching and is a beautiful tribute to Simone's grandfather - thank you for trusting me with such a personal family story:

I'm really loving this transition from photography to videography, film & directing and it's so much fun to collaborate & experiment with various talents right here in Canada.

Title image:

Photography: Shayne Gray

Styling & Co-ordination: LizPR

Hair & Makeup: Ivy Lam

Photo Assistant: Brian de Rivera Simon

Video series with Josée Couture

Update: as of Dec. 17th, 2016 we're just rolling out the 24th episode, which marks 2 years of monthly videos!! This one coming out shortly will be a fun recap and blooper reel, so to check out the full series of useful tips in the ever-growing library, check out Josée's channel here.

Lately I've been doing a lot more video work than ever before and have some amazing upcoming projects which I'm both proud, honoured, and excited to be a part of.

Yesterday Toronto Realtor Josée Couture released the first video in a series we'll be rolling out monthly to offer Torontonians a look into their own neighbourhoods and explore a number of tips surrounding house & home.

Now celebrating 25 years in real estate, Josée has a wonderful warmth to her personality, which paired with her experience, gives her an exceptional trustworthiness. An important part of her story is that she's now serving the children of previous clientele, which I'm sure is a great feeling and a wonderful milestone.

Subscribe to the series on Youtube to stay up-to-date and join the conversation both on Facebook and Twitter.

And thank you to Andrew at Village Living Magazine for introducing us!

Heidi Wall part II - behind the scenes

In case you missed it, you can find more Heidi goodness from part I here.

Heidi Wall is cooking up some good things with her "Refugee Bike Tour" and has since re-done her whole website to include a large section of it devoted to the project.

The day after Canada Day is perhaps inadvertently a very relevant time to post a short blurb about what she's trying to accomplish as it's a good reminder of how good we have it here.

Heidi is putting together her One Million Dollar Refugee Dream Fund by playing in homes, churches and other venues across Canada. The fun part is she plans on cycling to each venue on a recumbent bike (if you had to click the hyperlink, don't worry...I had to look it up too).

If you'd like to get involved, you can book a concert or simply donate to the cause directly by getting in touch with her here.

Styling & co-ordination by LizPR

Makeup & Hair by Ivy Lam

Music: In the Fallout Shelter on Typewriters Dreaming/ Bounding Toward the Snowy Horizon by The Fucked Up Beat

Resin Art: the process from coffee to blowtorch to wall

I've been resin coating a lot of my own photography lately and had only ever done it for other people otherwise. I must say, the process, while a bit sloppy, is somewhat therapeutic. It's normally quiet time - tranquil, peaceful. There's also something very satisfying about creating something offline - something real in the physical world with your own two hands. I also love the finished look of resin. It's smooth, shiny, glassy and somehow so permanent.

I also wanted to video the process for a couple of reasons. For one it's easier to explain what it is and how to do it by showing someone. Also I'd love to make these short films for other people who create things with their hands. I think people are naturally just as curious about the process of anything as much as the final product. The craft itself is somehow intriguing and so is the art of film making - something I hope to explore more this year.


It goes without saying, of course, that coffee is step one of just about every process. Unless of course it's past coffee time....


"Home alone with my scotch and a blowtorch - what could possibly go wrong¿?"


Thanks to friends for their curiosity on instagram & facebook last week with such cryptic messages. Now you know!