Latin American Fashion Week: Behind the Scenes

Makeup artist, Rainier Croft with model, Christine Ramkeesoon

Makeup artist, Rainier Croft with model, Christine Ramkeesoon

Latin American Fashion Week just finished yesterday and was an amazing event to be a part of with tons of talent buzzing around everywhere.

I've done a few fashion shows lately, which isn't my usual, but when I walked into the Spoke Club here in Toronto and saw a herd of other photographers with basically the same gear taking photos of the same thing I was forced to take a moment to think about how I could capture the event differently, which is an invaluable exercise. What's your purpose for being there and how is anyone going to recognize your photo from anyone else's - how is your work going to stand out? Interestingly, I'm quite sure that had I not been confronted with a room full of other photographers, I may not have tried so hard and wouldn't have gotten the images that I did.

That's when it's time to experiment - one fun trick is to shoot through things. Here, I put some water glasses on the bar and shot through them creating a dreamy effect without any fancy-pants photoshop effects:

Makeup artist, Tamar Cox "Flawless"

Makeup artist, Sophia Chau Hoang

Makeup artist, Sophia Chau Hoang


Me and my shadow

Just Sultan bow-ties

Just Sultan bow-ties

Sultan of "Just Sultan" bow-ties

Sultan of "Just Sultan" bow-ties

Creative portraits with pianist Heidi Wall


Update: fun behind the scenes video here!

As a commercial portrait photographer in Toronto I get to work with a lot of fun and interesting people and classical pianist, Heidi Wall was definitely no exception.

Hair & Makeup: Ivy Lam

Styling & Co-ordination: LIZPR


Among many other career highlights, Heidi is a multi-gold medalist at the Canadian Music Competition and co-ordinates the Kitchener-Waterloo Kiwanis Music Festival and is now set to release a new recording coming up.

As a component of her upcoming concert series, she will be getting to each venue by bicycle - yes, by bicycle! So if you're a concert organizer, this is your chance to see a performer literally go the extra booking her in Vancouver....


Pattie Cakes: baked goods and ridiculous fun

You might remember Pattie Cakes from our previous episode last week. This week we're showcasing just how she works her magic as shown above!

I love her vintage sensibilities and fun & tasty baking. She really does make it look so effortless. And where else will you ever see a baker in a tutu?!

Check out more from Pattie Cakes and join the culinary party on her Facebook page.

Resin Art: the process from coffee to blowtorch to wall

I've been resin coating a lot of my own photography lately and had only ever done it for other people otherwise. I must say, the process, while a bit sloppy, is somewhat therapeutic. It's normally quiet time - tranquil, peaceful. There's also something very satisfying about creating something offline - something real in the physical world with your own two hands. I also love the finished look of resin. It's smooth, shiny, glassy and somehow so permanent.

I also wanted to video the process for a couple of reasons. For one it's easier to explain what it is and how to do it by showing someone. Also I'd love to make these short films for other people who create things with their hands. I think people are naturally just as curious about the process of anything as much as the final product. The craft itself is somehow intriguing and so is the art of film making - something I hope to explore more this year.


It goes without saying, of course, that coffee is step one of just about every process. Unless of course it's past coffee time....


"Home alone with my scotch and a blowtorch - what could possibly go wrong¿?"


Thanks to friends for their curiosity on instagram & facebook last week with such cryptic messages. Now you know!